Exalted at Yotta

Previously on Exalted (Season 2 Session 3 notes)
Session notes

After a long holiday break, we last left our heroes rotting in the abalone jail. Some how they were framed for the murder of the sushi restaurant while the chosen of the unconquered sun and it’s hand maiden’s were investigating the restaurant owner’s place of residence.

However, not all is lost. For one of the party was able to disguise themselves as one of the jail’s guards.

What will happen next?

Previously on Exalted (Season 2 Session 2 notes)
Session notes

We last left our heroes finding crew mates for Captain Donar’s ship. He and the other solar’s have been contracted for a job by the guild. Many whoring and drinking ensued while interviewing potential crew candidates.

While stopping into a sushi eatery, our heroes encountered a filth demon. During the epic struggle, the party found out that they were not the only exalted in the city of Abalone.

Season 2 The Five Devil Bastards of Vindajolla (Session 1)
Session Notes

One year after the events that transpired at the great city of Great Forks. The city has been re-built with the help of Looksy and renamed to Vindajolla. The new city has also a new queen – Valdronna, daughter of the three.

The story starts with the anniversary of events that occurred one year earlier. A memorial ceremony is held for the fallen solar exalted Dawnstar, along with a revealing of a statue in honor of the solar. The queen Valdronna, makes a speech commemorating the great sacrifice that Dawnstar made for the city. She has also wants to bring those responsible for the invasion of the city to justice. In which she names Captain Donar and Romulox Mirage as the anathema responsible.

Meanwhile, the two unknowingly accused solars, have been sent to the west on business by the guild. Little do they know that one of their own brethren has been sent to bring them to their demise. However, they may yet have help from one they would least expect.

Previously on Exalted (Session 13 notes)
Session Notes
The epic story for centered in Great Forks concluded in this session.

Plot points from the conclusion of the story are:
  • The Lookshy forces arrived in time to fend back the skull horde.
  • Abyssal name Lady Shade of Wicked Deeds arrived to witness the final destruction of Great forks
  • Dawnstar negotiated a treaty to let the Abyssal’s have the city if they let the rest of the citizens go, in exchange for the herself.
  • After a Lady Shade spent time humiliating Dawnstar, the self sacrificing Solar detonated a incendiary device, destroying herself and the Abyssal.
Previously on Exalted (Session 12 notes)
Session Notes

We last left our heroes the exalted Dawnstar managed to get keep the army of Greatforks from total annihilation and muster a better defense against the attacking skull horde. With the help of Rain of Spear’s guerrilla tactics, the city may just well hold out until the forces of Lookshy arrive.

Meanwhile, the Exalted known as Donar and Romulux made their way back to the temple of Kristiansithu. Inside the temple the pair find a secret entrance that took them to a lab area underneath the temple. With the lab they found the daughter of the three encased in some strange energy draining device. Much to Donar’s dismay, he also found the dead husk of his lunar mate, Dark Devil’s Viper. In his grief (and lack of better judgement), set fire the the the device that held the daughter of the three, causing the liquid with-in to boil.

Dawnstar arrives just in time to witness Donar’s act, along with a mysterious woman abyssal who thanks Donar for a job well done. Donar attempts to get the women to explain the workings of the device by force, but was meet with a double bladed Diklave instead. Battle between the three Exalted and the Abyssal ensued; resulting with the women escaping unharmed.

Will the Exalted be able to save the city?

Tune in next time for the epic conclusion to the story.

Previously on Exalted (Session 11 Notes)
Session Notes
We last left our mighty heroes, the group was still split up. The exquisite Dawnstar has taken control of the battered Greatforks army, and has rally the troops to continue the struggle against the skull horde. Meanwhile the rest of the exalted circle are conducting guerrilla operations outside the army’s barracks. With the exception of Captain Donar and the old man still at the cult temple.

Session 11 plot points:
  • Solar Romulux attempted to summon a demon, but epic failed to control it; resulting in the demon being taken down.
  • The General Ran, was discovered to be under mental influence by some unknown force. Resulting in Dawnstar taking control of the current military forces (whats left of them).
  • Spears and company are conducting gorilla tactics to make a dent in the invading forces.
  • A demolition trench was created underneath the front gates of the military barracks.
Previously on Exalted (Sesseion 10 Notes)
Session Notes
We last left our Hero’s splitting up. Graham and Mike were sitting in the worshiping area with in the temple of Kristiansithu. Jim (along with the lookshy scout team) and Brandon ventured off to the front lines of the battle between the forces of great forks and Mask of a thousand faces.

Session plot points:
  • Solars took out the war beast.
  • Mask of a Thousand Faces fled the battle, last seen headed towards the temple district.
  • Jim’s character was met by a talon of scout forces from Lookshy. A second team was also with in the area, but was sent to alert Lookshy’s army.
Previously on Exalted (Session 9 notes)
Session Notes
We last left our heroes still battling the repugnant War Beast unleashed on the City of Great Forks by he who calls himself Mask of a Thousand Faces, along with the Nun’s of the dark faith that accompanied the War Beast into battle. Can the newly chosen of the unconquered son defeat this horde army, or will Great Forks be reduced to rubble? Who is this unknown exalted that has nearly brought the War Beast menace?

Session Points:
  • War Beast is greatly injured.
  • Battle, lots and lots of battle
  • Unknown exalted joined the fray to help the solar circle.
Previously on Exalted (Session 8)
Session Notes

We last left our heroes the battle for great forks was intensifiying.

Plot points are as followed:
* 20% of the city is now destroyed
* Great forks military forces are clashing with skull army.
* Exalted Dawn Star continues to clash with Mask of a Thousand Faces
* A Reinforcement army of skull tropes and Nuns have arrived in great forks, along with a great war beast.
* War beast has been released and attacking the city.
* Captain Donar, along with the other’s in the solar circle are en route to assist Dawn Star.

Perviously on Exalted (Session 7 notes)
Session 7

We left our heroic exalted locked in an epic battle by he who calls himself, Mask of a Thousand Faces.

Last session plot points:

  • Heroes devised a plan to repel the invading horde.
  • 5 couriers were sent out to alert lookshy of the invasion.
  • Captain Donar is helping to orchestrate attacks with the ships in the dock area.
  • All exalted characters are on Donar’s boat, except for Dawnstar.
  • The old man and Devil’s Viper have went off to some unknown destination with in the city.
  • Invading horde is led by an individual known as Mask of a Thousand Faces.
  • Initial invading forces are 4000 skull troops, and 4 flesh cube lava ejectors.

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