Exalted at Yotta

Perviously on Exalted (Session 7 notes)

Session 7

We left our heroic exalted locked in an epic battle by he who calls himself, Mask of a Thousand Faces.

Last session plot points:

  • Heroes devised a plan to repel the invading horde.
  • 5 couriers were sent out to alert lookshy of the invasion.
  • Captain Donar is helping to orchestrate attacks with the ships in the dock area.
  • All exalted characters are on Donar’s boat, except for Dawnstar.
  • The old man and Devil’s Viper have went off to some unknown destination with in the city.
  • Invading horde is led by an individual known as Mask of a Thousand Faces.
  • Initial invading forces are 4000 skull troops, and 4 flesh cube lava ejectors.



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