Exalted at Yotta

Previously on Exalted (Session 12 notes)

Session Notes

We last left our heroes the exalted Dawnstar managed to get keep the army of Greatforks from total annihilation and muster a better defense against the attacking skull horde. With the help of Rain of Spear’s guerrilla tactics, the city may just well hold out until the forces of Lookshy arrive.

Meanwhile, the Exalted known as Donar and Romulux made their way back to the temple of Kristiansithu. Inside the temple the pair find a secret entrance that took them to a lab area underneath the temple. With the lab they found the daughter of the three encased in some strange energy draining device. Much to Donar’s dismay, he also found the dead husk of his lunar mate, Dark Devil’s Viper. In his grief (and lack of better judgement), set fire the the the device that held the daughter of the three, causing the liquid with-in to boil.

Dawnstar arrives just in time to witness Donar’s act, along with a mysterious woman abyssal who thanks Donar for a job well done. Donar attempts to get the women to explain the workings of the device by force, but was meet with a double bladed Diklave instead. Battle between the three Exalted and the Abyssal ensued; resulting with the women escaping unharmed.

Will the Exalted be able to save the city?

Tune in next time for the epic conclusion to the story.



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