Exalted at Yotta

Previously on Exalted (Session 11 Notes)

Session Notes

We last left our mighty heroes, the group was still split up. The exquisite Dawnstar has taken control of the battered Greatforks army, and has rally the troops to continue the struggle against the skull horde. Meanwhile the rest of the exalted circle are conducting guerrilla operations outside the army’s barracks. With the exception of Captain Donar and the old man still at the cult temple.

Session 11 plot points:
  • Solar Romulux attempted to summon a demon, but epic failed to control it; resulting in the demon being taken down.
  • The General Ran, was discovered to be under mental influence by some unknown force. Resulting in Dawnstar taking control of the current military forces (whats left of them).
  • Spears and company are conducting gorilla tactics to make a dent in the invading forces.
  • A demolition trench was created underneath the front gates of the military barracks.


Don’t you mean “guerrilla tactics?” Or are you just saying “gorilla tactics” to taunt Graham a little more about the Blood Ape? ~~


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