Exalted at Yotta

Season 2 The Five Devil Bastards of Vindajolla (Session 1)

Session Notes

One year after the events that transpired at the great city of Great Forks. The city has been re-built with the help of Looksy and renamed to Vindajolla. The new city has also a new queen – Valdronna, daughter of the three.

The story starts with the anniversary of events that occurred one year earlier. A memorial ceremony is held for the fallen solar exalted Dawnstar, along with a revealing of a statue in honor of the solar. The queen Valdronna, makes a speech commemorating the great sacrifice that Dawnstar made for the city. She has also wants to bring those responsible for the invasion of the city to justice. In which she names Captain Donar and Romulox Mirage as the anathema responsible.

Meanwhile, the two unknowingly accused solars, have been sent to the west on business by the guild. Little do they know that one of their own brethren has been sent to bring them to their demise. However, they may yet have help from one they would least expect.



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